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diversity gamechangers in washington dc admin are rare- can raimondo be one? biden ai panel boldly goes where dc never has since v neumann

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

9 june 2021 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk diaspora scot writes from wshington dc
as a statistician and someone who loves exploring every culture from joyful community spaces needed for families to build future generations sustainably

i hope and pray that biden and harris and kerry are not trapped in the white man's myth that sustainability of 7.5 billion people would be simple if only the world obeyed the laws of white men out of washington dc and brussels. To understand the crises - health, climate, poverty, educartonal, media- that make the 2020s our races last chance to get to 2100 we need to agree on ethnicities and 4 main industrial revolutions which involve valuing exponential innovation not ruling over the past

in terms of ethnicities
 two thirds of human are asia
about 13% african
about 5% latin american
about 13% white of which about 9% were free white and about 4% got trapped in the ussr- before we go further look at a map- there are 2 iced up roofs of the world; most of what we may call non-free white came from places where most land was dced up and woth nothing bur some labd was huge carbon energy;
perhaps 1% are native peoples and/or islanders in small separate nations- the latter depend on huge ocean states but depended on exchanges to even be included in the 4 industrial revolution

it is probably true that in 1962 7 years after the conceptualistion of the eu, washington dc and the group of free nations the eu was to include in its expansion ruled over 80% of the finacial system, 80% of scientific knowledge but was the purpose of this to sustain ever more of all peoples and nature or ever fewer of rich old whites

that's a democracy question biden needs to be sure he has explored before the world goes forward from covid, truly takes on climate, and other sdgs the younfer half of the world need every community to be empowered to connect

this brings us to understanding 4 industrial revolutions- two had played out and led to world wars; the two new ones were imaginable by 1962 thanks to the legacy of von neumann

ir1 was about the power of engines; before powerful engines 95% of life was rural- capials mainly organised shipping world trades; almost everything in a big city today depends on the power of engines- to build buildngs transporation, utilities such as electricity and running water

we choose to call ir2 the power of communications and media- start with the telephone, telegram , radio, television, satellite powered versions of those- all of these were viewably by 1962 but they were also all about to change again because of neumann's 3rd and 4th revutions

we find it easiest to call ire 100 times "moore-law" analytic power than slide ruler and paper analyses every decade-trilllion times moore by 2020 than coded 1960s moon landing- this is unprecdeted exponemtial change where legislaring over laws written in stone is not smart

 how would that change every livelihood, both in growing trade and sustaining communities where each next child might be born

in our exploration of the world which the economist started writing about as an exploration of neumann's legacy 2020s was the time when we started asking wha systems prevuously governed by humans do we rurn over to machines because only machines can in real time compute and communicate all the data to make any autonomous system work- whehert hat is self driving cars which we wish silicon valley had not prioriised or the logistics of immunising 7.5 billion people within one year which we beieve needed to be one of the first ai collaborations to sustain humanity
if anyone thinks the eu and dc can rule over such ai challenges without applying any of the brans that havent coe from rich white world then plese stand up and admit that is what all your science, pension investent , media politics is based on but for the rest of us we hope and pray biden has the curiosity of children looking in from every gps coordinate mobilised or autonomised as to be or not to be

canada offers a relatively good/shared model of living with iced up continent ; alaska bought from russia uffers a different model; of course there are free parts of the arctic circle like nordica which offer world leading models but they are water facing they are not locjed in continents

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