Why not design future around 7 billion wonderful livelihoods

feb 2022, wash dc-sadly idea of every 3 year old up merits a next door playschool seems to be taking inside beltway lawyers longer than landing on the moon - so women4empowerment have moved collab networks for 3 years up to Abedplay.com.. The debate on whether DC wants every American to be valued by Artificial Intel and hi-trust media ERevolution last chance at the metaverse continues below. May we also suggest EconomistDiary.com if you wish to tap into 4 hemisphere discussions of what the blip is happening to your young graduates era of 100 times more machine maths every decade (since 1951) when an economist sub-editor was briefed by Von Neumann on the biggest journalism scoop of all time and any sustainability generation
After the first year of Biden we can see that in spite of enough technology to save the human race, corralled by insanely lonely men like Mr Putin we are racing faster than ever towards extinction half way through the 15 year period that all nations had committed to the sustainability goals (ecop26 EUN). Why is this? - its a problem of media- which in turn is a wicked Keynesian problem of Governance, Societal and Environmental Markets (known the other way round by worlds biggest decision makers as ESG -see NYccAI.com for 15 annual spring briefings).
CRIMSON LIFESTYLES: Although Harvard has taken as late as 26 April 2022 to admit their debt to black americans is way north of 100 million dollars (imagine if they had admitted this before Biller Gates designed DOS). other far north friends and I can trace through my family ( diaspora scots, irish...) why the root cause of this [problem is that white institutions have not cared locally enough about the simplest human right : that of the next girl or boy born anywhere to have a fair chance of life.

My family has a lot of evidence on this ; in our case it can be classified around tHEse time periods: 2022 to 2000; TO 1984 TO 1976 TO 1962 TO 1945 TO 1936 TO 1758 - each of which we observed  FROM SOME QUITE DEEP GLOBAL VILLAGE DATUM

1962 back to 1951 back to 1945; 1951 was for my family the occasion of the greatest jopurnalist scoop ever; von neumann briefed my father on asking leaderes about what would they do with 100 times more tech every decade to 2020s (som,e now call this industrial revolution 3, 4; in silicon valley from 1965 they have also called its moore's law; my father's small role in future histoiry : he asked economist jouramlsits to appply this question for the next third of the century; this too the economist from 1951 3rd ranked weekly journal to one of a kindf gloabal viewspaper; The Economist had a weird history it was born in 1843 as a royal society chat sheet that got turned into queen visctora's attermpt to chnage english constitution from presiding over slave making empire to commonwealth); this has been the crisis embedded in tyhe english mindset since the beginning of engines scotalnds 1760s (some would say since the beginning of discovery on new worlds started in 1490s when the race started to own the most agressive navy)

2022 back to 2000 -business & social models of mobile digital age spun hatred and short-termsim opposite to sdgs; raised bodres between nations during the period all human communities needed to go borderless on human right goal 2000 back to 1984 (we lost the chnace to value the web as the an open learning network to shortt term commerce and nastier media)m/TD> 1984 back to 1976 ( by now my father was launching the new socio-economic genere of entrepreneuriual revolution with 15 yeras of evidence of cases on asia rising through a blend of supervillaige and supervity whose trades needed over time to be winw-in not zero sum; in fact if voin eneuman used the vocabularu IR3 - he would definme that as eera of applying 100 times more etch to way above zero sum games- THE OPPOSITE TO LEGISLATIRS UP TO 1945)1976 back to 1962 (we lost what presidents up to and particularly keennedy understood of the overarching challenge of uni8ted nations; at the same time the birth of the eu core purpose got lost by 1962) 1945 back to 1935: this corresponds to the uniques development period of my father from teenb home schooled in british embassies in moscow and horler's europ to spending his last days as teen allied boimber command burma to surviving woeld wars 2 being mentored by keynes, the economist's geoggery crwother and von neumann; in 1949 dad amrried the daughter of sir kenneth kemp who had written up teh legalese of india's independence;  1935 back to adam smith 1758  this explains why my my family tree was intersection of 4 generation osf scots in inda who had been nurses, pharmacists and social lawyers; and 4 generations of scots who had been missionaries, transnational dimplomats and whatever you call my father and myself ( i would say I am a (future histiry) of mathematician but with at best one hyndredth of the mind of the greatest maths nmetwo9rk that ever lived neumann , einstein et al. i desperately need help from every gps on the plant in recording why particularly whites have not yet designed goverance systems to value right of every next child born - but I belive its valid to ask:

what exactly was the conflict in 1945 between the 8 biggest empires - g8 twhite and japan; in addition what other conflicts were the g8 surrounded by all white developed nations- in essence engines from 1760 were applied by white men to rule over world trade; in effect less than 15% of the human race had designed almost all the world's wealth for themselves or the nations they lived in ; this was the root cause of world war 2 which the united nations needed to mediate over at most 4 generations - from those returning frow war through to today's younger half of teh wrold who will inherit systems which expoenetially lock them into extcinction unless the 2020s turmns thi round


diversity gamechangers in washington dc admin are rare- can raimondo be one? biden ai panel boldly goes where dc never has since v neumann

Monday, November 16, 2020

11++ ai - 3 of 11 ai subjects every teacher needs to explore ai vaccine ai sports ai climate

 why humanising ai needs to rid teaching of 11+ mindset

Any peoples who follow the education system designed for english language speakers by administrators of british empire need to be concerned with urgently transforming its examination assumptions. can they sustain any child, any community builder, mother earth? -its strange how all of the top 5 sdgs must never be siloised - 5 village women 4 livelihood education 3 health for all 2 food and water security for all; 1 wherever next girl is born will the global village community love her enough to give her a chance to thrive- we have the technology but have we lost the humanity


bbc oceans broadcster paul rose muhammad yunus ashden awards royal geographical society solar grameen bangladesh.

Back when britain ruled the world, it was decided to test 

purpose of british empire's 11 plus exam- which kids went to school after 11;  Its relevant 

to ask what's not in the 11plus-  in this case what you systemically measure isnt just the behsviours you get but what generates exponentially 

talents 11+ excludes from valuing youth are varied but beging by seeing

artistic talents are not integral to 11 plus; emotional caring talents are not - the 11 plus was the forerunner of iq tests- it looked for kids who would be convenient to classroom  teach subjects which only had one correct answer - kids who never question bureaucrats decisions and so could extend british empire laws and money-issuing all over the empires world- kids who would never dare ask are mother nature's gifts to our place opposite in any way to a big city in a small island ( where extremely unequal power was grabbed unless media was very smart and openly free -by and for the people- what public world service media was intended to be when bbc radio was born but which politicians soon destroyed....)


fame media was was one of mid 20th c terrifying mistakes-

the way fake media spiralled from mid 20th century is terrrifying= today in 2020s if we fake media and big data- nature will send us the way of the dodo

fans of 11++ we propose that the 2020s desperately needs an opposite test- or even just a sustainabikity quiz thats opposite to trivial pursuit in that every question is vital to imagining www.futureoflife.org 


Astronaut Ron Garan poses massive collaboration challenge ( more http://spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/ ) at Yunus Centre ...

wherever we humans need to unite aroud natures diverse call balls; ironically many amerucans learnt the wrong first lesson from astronauts- we'd never be able to colonise the moon in time to sustain 7.5 billion peoples- we need coooperative moon races round mothercearth- thats what mobile apps could be uniting right now

lets start with 3 examples - ai vaccines -- ai superstars;; ai climate

ai vaccines- help us map the vaccine race - we will need to move this map by june 2021 when google is withdrawing this ai mapping tool as too primitive - as of time of biden's election there are maybe a dozen western vaccines - pfizer says it hopes to be 90% efficiet in ending the virus; 2 injections are needed; the vaccine needs storing at very cold temperatures to keep it safe- we will sure need a lot of ai to map its distribution effectively to part of the 7.5 billion humans who need a solution

moderna says it looks as if it is 95% effective-as of 16 november we humans need to check- assume its got similar mapping challenge to distribute

people as opposite in mindset as gates, bush, and theceo of google.org said in 2005 that ai of vaccinnes would need to be seen as top human species priority- the question of why was nothing globally and locally done about this to prevent covid19 is one every politician should be explaining -in that sense the virus challenge is a climactic challenge and an education one- when we design topoics of 11++ test we are desiging what teachers of 11 year olds should be at least free to encourage curiosity on- here's a clue instead of education being about only subjects with one right examination answer - 21st c human shooling needs to be about learning - learning is exactly what machine intel cant do until its goven data; in other words the most valuable resource in hi-tech hi-trust worlds is data that is valued as a commons and which is so life critical that we need it be be private at an individual leve but aggregated so that individuals do not become spreaders of death- back in 2008 when the western world's banking systems failed to be transparent enough to stop fraud spreaders and bad rankings agencies- someoe with a japanese sounding name satoshi invented a tool in line with my dads timeline for fintech - its called blockchain - the monetary uses of it yet still havent been worked out by central bankers or big tech but to see why its essential to the safey of any network consider australia's electricity grid; australia is a huge country with lots of desert- when a natural event knocked down even one electricity pole it could take a lot of seaching for whever it was in the desert- today australian electricty poles talk to each other through communications chips- basically each pole pings its neiigbors- ping me back to sho you are working- the whole provides instant reporting if any pole goes dead

ai sports and superstars- one pf the stranfge things is sports went global before anything else- literally the 1964 tokyo olympics satellite broadcast - this meant that sportspeople soon had opportunity to become world famous if they won the olympics or earned a world record; but while i love sports its absurd that inceasing the only celebrities kids of the era of 100 times more tech per decade had access to were commercialsed round sports or sexy music. how do we make sure kids have as many last mile heroines of health and other social actio-data connections not just spectating and consuming trivial pursuits - more at www.economistsports.net - nb the point is data and communications platforms made 20th celebrities; today we urgently need to twin whos famous with whom the sdg generation need to be famous- as teachers of eleven year olds need to be as demanding as youth in searcxhing knowhow heroes- have a look at some of the fans of ban ki-moon - he is trying to help teachers intro 2 missing curricula- empowering youth t be community engaged and delivering them loca franchise solutions mapping a world of climate adaptability and community action networking

ai climate - why because we are mapping back glasgow cop26 nov 2021 - a set of exponential timelines for solutions the world's most powerful nations agreed on after hundreds of thousands of hours of work until a guy called trump spent 4 years playing 7 no trumps with all of humanity's most urgent life shaping goals- tell us if you are sending a delegate to glasgow or wish to host a zoom event on way to glasgow- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk volunteer smithian co-networker -Macrae you tube period: to be or to trump -that is the question kamala harris has so little time to represent

xx if yiu appreciate any of these 3 cases
1 can we help link you in to people already humanising this case
do you have a vote on next8 biggest ai cases to humanise or 97cases

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