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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I know we are all interested in student entrepreneur competitions

I also know that people like chris and I believe that programs like shark tank and apprentice have done endless harm. They value only extraction and exit strategies not those with a higher purpose including job creation

I have judged about 7 competitions now where we were supposed to be valuing entrepreneurs with a higher purpose. But I have found judges rules and some fellow judges acting exactly like the sharks - whats your exit strategy not what's your purpose for developing 

What I am proposing is we design a second set of rules for students who believe they are pitching a purpose not a monetary extraction pitch

Please say if you are interested - then we can work out a process now

Many of us know each other from DC meetings on youth development . Chris is the North of England's leading host of youth job creation through entrepreneurship having run world class summits out of liverpool - also he is launching www.worldmerit.org as an exchange centred around what youth need to develop places. He was part of a panel of speakers in Dc last week at the event hosted at the 1776 portal , which included Gallup's Buckingham who I know some of you work with and launched another youth exchange of YSN. There were several people who appeared to be close partners of Chris who are DC-based so if we are interested in working on this idea on both sides of the atlantic then I expect he could introduce us to a DC confederate. Conversely I have some ideas from people I met in UK and France who wanted to help celebrate the yunus vision of an SMBA. Getting this second set of judging rules out there can also be a trojan horse to MOOC development of the missing course of SMBA. Its worth noting folks that last year even readers at The Economist voted for the proposition that MBA certified students do more harm than good to the future of a nation's development for youth. What are we waiting for?

There have always been 2 opposite sorts of professional system designers:
those representing the less than 1%
those representing the future of the 99%

My father focused on celebrating the Entrepreneur word from 1972 as he debated how to sustain the net generation and design massive collaboration goals to end poverty because the origin of the word refers to the people taking back markets (in france's case by cutting off heads of thise who monopolised productive assets, in us case from english who want to take first cut of every trade with even more virulence than communist moscow want to take first cut of every trade whilst mastering over the USSR). Extreme capitalism and extreme communism are the same faulty system spun round the futures of the 1% most powerful instead of empowering the 99%. I am insulted by people who broadcast entrepreneurs as extractors for the 1%. Worse if you look at what the abominable 3rd grade curriculum of social studies requires children to learn in USA you will see they are required to be examined on the precisely wrong definition of entrepreneurship. Ultimately we need trojan horses not just for giving youth an alternative to MBA but all the way through job creating education from 3rd grade up. Fortunately we have a worldwide map of exactly which educators are scaling that though we dont have anyone with systemic access in the USA -well we do its sal khan but he doesnt know it yet!

PS YSN has a way of putting youth at the epicentre of livelihoods and careers
worth looking at http://ysn.com/go/ Is there a way that youth subchapters of conscious capitalism can partner with this

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