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Sunday, January 30, 2000

Selections from General Post Diary of ,acrae -May 2014Hi

We met a while ago when you were pivotal to organisiing peter's microloan summit at harvard. Congrats on your job at partners in health -one of my all time favorites

I am in boston on afternoon/evening of may 9- is there any chance of a quick meeting? There are 2 particular issues from my side

I am a volunteer for what is intended to be a benchmark for the most open youth jobs summit ever -rough blog at
http://youthcreativelab.blogspot.com- november 2015 atlanta -hosted by nobel laureates, ted turner family, jimmy carter family, friends of muhammad yunus in exile, luther king family, with the mayor aiming to show that youth jobs expos can have more impact for a region that hosts them than even the olympics. I am trying to find youth-led connections between boston and atlanta, and would welcome your advice, Additionally before Atlanta, the nobel summit is in cape town oct 2014

Living in DC I am trying to maximise win-win between the Atlanta summit and World Bank Jim Kim's series of youth summits which lead the world in asking young professionals to change what older professsionals can't. Additionally I was privileged to chat with paul farmer for half an hour last summer at George Soros' university in Budapest and would love to know more about collaboration wishes partners in health has with youth and with open technologists. A particular issue is open education of nurses- this is a wish yunus connects through his nearly free nursing college -a partnership led out of homeland in Glasgow, that khan academy works on
https://www.khanacademy.org/about/health-competitionand which Paul said would be a future process of PIH"s rebuilding of Haiti's medical training hospital
thanks chris macrae
dc 301 881 1655 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

lauren -partners in health; peter ryan founder microloanfoundation; naila chowdhury
http://women4empowerment.org; atsu yokoi akira-foundation tokyo; victioria flamant team member organising world bank youth summit; jean claude founder ofwww.puddle.com; larry reed leader of microcreditsummit; paul komesaroff monash university medical professor, gandhian and founder global reconciliation network; Dr Alexandria Graham Africa's leading pharma company by and for africans; taddy blecher south africa's and world's leader in job creating entrepreneur curriculum about to start 7 week usa tour beginning at amazon and microsoft; mostofa youth connector of everything out of dhaka; melissa carrier senior academic in dc/md region of social valuation; joy stoddard outreach director of whole planet; kazie huque ceo of grameen intel; Amy Novogratz TED; Matthew Bishop The Economist; peter burgess accountant of end malaria; nomi prins author of Beyond Goldman Sachs; Emeka Makers Faires Networks Africa and US

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