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Friday, December 24, 1999

uk and france

 schooled at wimbledon 6th to 10th grade 1962-6 nothing turned me off like history- my problem was we started with the romans and never got to thast 100 years- only uch later did i realise that either nobody agreed on hisry 1860-1960 or oxford and cambridge certification biards did not think it politicto examine kids on how british empire was root cause of 2 world wars and almost nuclear extinction

rge sad thing is: if we had been online when i went to school maybe we could have been examined on the curriculum of the united nations albeit years 0 to 17 which at least from the poibnt of american gifts to the world would have been timely - giftd such as jfk von neumann borlaug deming

what you may ask has this to do with what team biden neds to know about uk and france if the triad of the 2 main english speakinfg nations and the french is finally rto spread sustainability

while quite frankly in the absemce of histiry curricula of the last 100 years probably all you need to read is 1066 and all that- its the nearest written account to the only 3 things the bbc ever did that i am sure i am glad of- let david attenborough have a free voice, end any belief in bbc news broadcasting with monty python, be where david frost cut his teeth with that was the week rthat was efre dethroning nnixon

1066 and all that strarts with the last time britain was invaded ie by france and how over the next 850 years it was fashionable for the rulers of uk and france to see how much these nations hated each other while my own experience at the people level is nothing is more fun than a holiday in eachothers place;

from 1914 histiry really gets strange - if it is true that the root cause of the world wars was empires like britain and frabce colonising so much of the ld world; then britain's adavantage as an island was franes disadvantage as a continental piesce- in other words britain twice had to save the french people from being destroyed by wars but of course in both cases would not have been so useful with out calling on the americans

anyway since the birth of the european union - we have winessed the tragi-comedy of was the union designed so france-germany could ge their own back on britain saving the continent of europe that during the first half of the 20th c they messed up- which brings us to why while i was a teen i wish i had been examined on the curricula of the un and of kennedy, von neumanndeming and borlaug- and wish all french teens had too- its strange how linerar education is designed to really mess up kids - you are a student until you fai to pas an exam even now as wat a young person needs to learn next f they are to be the sdg generaion is chninging faster than teachers and examiners can keep up with

here's an extract from www.youthmarkets.com where you will see a lot more on educational change urgently needed and ironically who at the un has the mot power over education - the french at unesco, oecd

trillion dollar markets as systems -which market purposes most explain exponential destruction or sustaimability of which un goals?

health as an sdg system

waste and water as a system -which segment of ciries see this as most urgent challenge

-what other segments do smart sister cities see as their most urgent sustainability innovation to solve?

education as an sdg meta-system and how many trillion dollar sub-systems

transparency of professions with monoploies to score as a system

machine energy as an sdg system

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