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diversity gamechangers in washington dc admin are rare- can raimondo be one? biden ai panel boldly goes where dc never has since v neumann

Monday, June 7, 2021

does biden have a foreign policy - this hot fortnight may well determine everything- meanwhile despatching vp to latin america seems to exclude women and asians

to be clear the biggest decline in human fortune during bidens 125 days seems to be either latin am or india but i think its incomprehensible not to include kamala on bidens first western tour but then i am jusr a diaspora scot damtp systems alumni- what the flip do i know about the first 260 years of humans, machines, ...  climates,  ... livesmatter

biden tours the west for the last time before cop26?.. and what a tour it is- one hopes he is accompanied by notes takers of 360 degree diversity

from the head of the second biggest royal family 

to the self-styled g7-squared; to the eu doubling up its lobby power to putin to understand g7 futures the way yes sustainability celts can start here 

to understand russia we quote from mike allen axios/hbo

Secretary of State Tony Blinken told me during an "Axios on HBO" interview that President Biden is meeting with Vladimir Putin nine days from now "not in spite of" the cyberattacks that disrupted U.S. meat and gas supplies: "It's because of them."

  • Biden will tell Putin "directly and clearly what he can expect from the United States if aggressive, reckless actions toward us continue," Blinken told me in the grand Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room.

Blinken said the U.S. "would prefer a more stable relationship" with Russia.

  • "I can't tell you whether I'm optimistic or not about the results," he added. "I don't think we're going to know after one meeting, but we'll have some indications ... We're prepared either way."

Blinken sees his Job 1 as reconnecting with allies, and he said he's found a real thirst for U.S. engagement.

  • "Our partners see the same thing that we do," he said. "If you're looking at all of the really big problems that we're trying to solve — ... like the pandemic, like climate change, like emerging technologies ... — no one country can do it alone."
  • Blinken added that when the U.S. isn't leading, China and others fill the vacuum, "and maybe not in a way that advances our interests or values": "We've certainly seen China ... try to fill voids where we've been relatively disengaged."

On the Israel-Gaza conflict, I asked Blinken what'll happen if Israel produces no smoking-gun evidence that Hamas was occupying the building, housing AP and Al-Jazeera, that Israel bombed after a warning.

  • "President Biden's been very clear: Israel has the right to defend itself, and it was on the receiving end of indiscriminate rocket attacks," Blinken began.
  • "However, having said that: Israel, as a democracy, I think has an added burden to make sure it is doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. ... I think one of the things that we found ourselves, speaking only for the United States, is that the more transparency you can provide, the more legitimacy you're going to have."

Watch a clip: Blinken vows to hold China accountable on Wuhan. (what does this mean - until the 2001 antrax scare is transparently reported as an nih responsinility- so is covid- after all nih is the world sponsor in experiments - to blame wuhan is a bit like blaming bhopal for union carbide unless of course big governments everywhere are going to come clean on every risk to our species they have been covering up by priorising national security over species extinction

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