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KERRY THOMAS-BREENFIELD (SDG 1 TED ALB) biden's 17 core exec orders :: @LindaT_G keep watch who does biden appoint ustr education (ed.gov wik) freeing PSU 1
.probably the most open college network for students wanting to make positive sdgs connections worldwide is opening a portal for one page research itches 1 dec to 14 dec -details here: some of the 50 coalition members are
arizona- arizona state
vienna - ceu
bangladesh - brac u of fazle abed
ghana -ashesi 5th wise laureate
ca - berkeley human rights center
after 5 decades empower billioning women to end poverty fazle abed challenged friends to form revolutionary coalition of new SDG tech universities -singapore his first benchmark - .. 1

3 decades ago Sir Tim Berners-Lee gifted us www. It transformed globe but not yet matched benevolent technology hoped for. Sir Tim plans to save it by turning tables on big tech and giving power over data back to users. Matthew Field reports..
thank you friends in barcelona and spanish dual speaking world for being first to accept invite to post positive solutions their educators/youth would like to share on sdgs with everyone leading world forward to sustainability in 2021- also for those humanising machines pls see our zoom world tournov 2021- scots invite you to join 250th review of living with machines -the first machine age started up in scotland 1760s round first steam engineer james watt and first mapmaker of world trade adam smith. From the scottish viewpoint the first industrial age of 180 years of sharing machines failed ending in two world wars..In 1945 humans agreed to try again starting up the united nations and various post industrial technologies. We see the 2020s as most exciting time to be alive because three quarters of a century of uniting nations allows us to map are we designing a hi-tech connected world aligned with nature's systems including how she governs climate and health. more on scottish notes on whether the human race is sustainable are here; including our invitation to bring a catalogue of 1000 leaders/projects of AI for sdgs
AI: 1 vaccines 2 sports ... 11 climate


LOVE & HOPE aka Francis’ little sisters

Race to sustain earth more exciting to younger half of world than even 1960s moon races

Unlike 1960s we now have the exponential technologies to humanise AI all over the world in perfect harmony

POST-COVID GIVES every peoples one chance to rise united BUILDBACKBETTER.COM DC2021 COP26 BIDENUNI.COM...

HATE & FEAR aka big brothers of 7 no trumps.welcome to dc2021.com.

Unlike the 1960s few people inside or outside USA have a clue what cooperative web the American Dream means any more

Although the 60 year learning curves of humanizing technology/artificial inte hub out of mit boston and valley’s Stanford- its unclear where the IR4 purposes are being mediated of 10 most critical value chains in sme /community scaled worlds required forYouth TO BE the Bard’s & UN’s 17 sdgs generation..
Editors at The Economist discuss entrepreneurial revolution and why Norman Macrae supported Bangladeshi ...
May 5, 2011 · Uploaded by microeconomist
Small Business Revolution Documentary | The Entrepreneurial Spirit of America. Watch later. Share. Copy ...
Apr 25, 2017 · Uploaded by The Small Business Revolution see main curricula of entrepreneurial revolution started in the economist 50 years ago also know as humans AI- tech values all lives matter - update 11/7 congrats president-elect biden - world's hardest job

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

green biden headline 1

 while its great symbolism that biden has rejoined climate protocol within hours of presidency the reality of america's last 4 years

wasted million hours of work around world- americans are among the least trusted on climate unless they have actions to share

disillusioned youth and educators- numerically far more youth trust china than usa because of climate

the poorest in dev world lost their lives/livelihoods when climate is more variable /less safe

glasgow is 5 generations of my family's home capital - i know the bbc nature correspondents and royal society leaders of youth as sustainability generation- including which royal families around the world

to make it clear, american lobbytists/investment funds who dont transparently value climate will be wasting their time if they send anyone including fake media to glasgow- see 10 years of our journal edited by adam smith scholars and supported by most of scotlands venerable universities- join ban ki-moons zoom summit next week -see economistdiary.com for rehearsals on road to and from glasgow; scan ai green epicentres eg ai earth by microsoft

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc economistgreen.com

ps biden/obama record on green jobs is awful- obama was dealt rotten hand on finance just as biden gets rotten hand on finance and health- if thewre are no real green actions of biden in first 100 days he risks losing trust 

help ID top 20 biden/harris issues in first 100 days

 i=top 10 international; d=top 10 domestic

biden to sign about 15 exectutive orders in next 24 hours

d1 - beat virus - promise 100 million arms vaccinated - masks must be worn i federal places- how does operations intel double loop - from local gov of last mile service to federal 

d2 save communities' economies  -how do get best of small enterprise and gov not worst of big business and big bureaucracy- t a time when what can be innovated with tech is changing yearly dut depends on transparency of open data

d3 what is the pathway to all lives matter - how common/different are actions different undervalued groups need - women, youth, skin color, faith , - what are the system challenges - eg lack of health, transport, safety, livelihood opportunity 

d4 how to deal with failure of us education at every level -see crow scripts on faliure of university- gordo brown scripts on failure of schools; review which parts of un are engaing new tech and new youth mobilsation in being first sustaiability generation- where is massive coopeartiohn opposite of massive individual examination

i1 can america design an asia policy humanising technology - two thirds of people- that helps younger half world sustain love and action sdgs, not hate across borders, not destruction of sdgs by biggest investors

12 in addition to climate which agreements rest of world put hundreds of years of hi-level work on that trump tore up will biden renew- and does america understand how no national leader needs american advice until or unless america shows ihow to end covid