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diversity gamechangers in washington dc admin are rare- can raimondo be one? biden ai panel boldly goes where dc never has since v neumann

Monday, November 23, 2020

update - is it possible for dc thinking to rise from near bottom on green progress- if so world's richest man bezos probably has a lot of work to do as an incoming dc citizen- of couse he owns the voice of wash post;he's moved his 2nd hq to arlington near washington's reagan airport, and today his last 2 most recent instagrams reveal 800 mn fund allocations from bezosearthfund and compliments to the incoming admin https://www.instagram.com/p/B8rWKFnnQ5c/

update- 11/7/20 congrats president elect biden - open dialogue on world's hardest job
sdgs curriculum updates to jan 1 2030
harris/kamala start from weak knowledge of ai except harris' commitment to investigate bias of identity ai- of bog concern less than 15% of federal agencies make smart use of ai according to stanford/nyu- while harris may be aware of the report no evidence its been translated into active understanding of how ai can help with almost every system challenge feds lag rsvp if you have other info chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  https://www-cdn.law.stanford.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/ACUS-AI-Report.pdf 

help us compile what to do about top questions on washington dc's failure to serve the people
1 why are legislators always punishing small enterprises in favor of big corporte interests
2 why have all parties failed to ask each decade - what change do americans need next 100 fold moore tech to thrive? changes to commuting/office work, changes to education,-no debt for productive youth, changes to big shopping malls, how tech could make community health care ever more affordable, how tech could make everyone safer
3 von neunann's last 2 questions in 1957- which patents are good/bad? how will the human brain change as more and more work is done with artifcial brains that can crunch trillion times more data than humans
4 how does leadership change when more and more questions involve local community sustainability/diversity not one national law that made sense when horse was fastest way to share messages or assistance
5 true media:  if we 4% of human beings are to be the nation 96% love trading with mosts what machine and human knowhow do we need to lead in openly sharing without borders
6 how do we design our democracy so that if rest of world spends millions of hours negotiating how to value nature, we dont get ruled by a leader who on his own tears up everyone else's work
goal 1 end poverty = design world in which lives of next baby born matters so she has great chance
of life- core curriculum goal 1 and interactions 2 to 6 - alumni partners fazle abed -
 see brac uni vincent chang , osun university coalition, partners of brac as world's largest ngo coalition -we can make life in day calendars where other ages fall into poverty - however if we haven't designed every community as thriving space to be born into by 2030 then all other system interfaces of the goals will be corrupted/greenwaAh not reality
goal 2 end hunger brac sub-curriculum borlaug - food prize laureates-there are innercity sub goals -eg distribution challenges where fresh foods not distributedgoal 3 health -life expectancy basics for all -see economisthealth.com how brac was built round village health - and immunology friends of abed and china barefoot medics update 2020 in retrospect nations specifying sdgs in 2015 but not updating virus-ending networks shows how out of touch richest western nations big organisations were - hopefully this will change every education curriculum of 2020sGOAL 4 see ABED notes on 5 value chains of education and need to AI all of them - preschool, primary, grade 6-12 with multiple alternatives for apprenticeship of informal economy eg coding prior to grade 12 as well as alternative life time education bridges; unite 50 best for sdg universities and help sdg scholars zoom beyongd alumni silosgoal 5 livesmatter equalityGoal 6 sanitation, water - wash programs reinforced by ending covid but note need to adapt training by access to running water- and other infrastructure TRANSNATIONAL COALITION challenges which are assumed in all of goals 7 to 12, also goals 13-16 are grEen transformation goalsgoal 7goal 8goal 9goal 10goal 11goal 12goal 13goal 14goal 15goal 16>goal 17 wrongly framed aroung big corp and big gov - reframe pyp -ie youth mediate public private and pop ie tech innoovatiomns leap for poorest are main education foci for all
 help develop forward looking casebank from start of 2018 to 1995
start of 2018 
3 great update podcasts - why yahoo's jerry yang helped jack ma find funds- how google's ai evangelist   kai-fu lee change the world from his post starting up google in china to starting his own investors fund in beijing when google china closed; how many different ways has stanford's andrew ng tried to change how education of AI is networked

possibilities 1995
around 1995 the whole world sated being inspired by bill gates stories of internet highways and the first 6 years of tim berner lees worldwide web -tbl moved to mit to progress this from xx
what amazes me is how narrow us venture capitalism became - it seemed to be about ads and selling people as a different crossroads from education tech or changing industries that had become big but lazy in the pre digital world

listen to some examples - here's the chinese american founder of zoom - when he heard bill gates talk about the net in 1994 he spent 3 years and before his 7th visa application was successful- what would anyone in 2020 have done without zoom's eric yuan?

or there are the stories of the quadir brothers 1  2  3 - who believed that bangladesh could make different smarter us of mobile phones than americans- they started what has become the world of leapfroging tech partnerships ending poverty

or consider the story of jack ma who happened to be on his first trip to usa as a translator in 1995 -in seattle he saw the lunch of amazon ecommerce - how many hundreds of millions of jobs can china create with small village enterprises once the web comes to china

these were all questions of building economies by or for our peoples not just how much money can be extracted from a venture... a diifferent but exciting question- what happens in places that believes huanising tech for the sustaible youth is about exploring how education generates economies not vice versa- lets have a look at some education systems that didnt wait for the virus to practice virtual learning modes

eg 1 what happens when eachers and students share a worldclaa virtual lab 2 what happens when education system is designed to value thriving in world of human & artificial intel
 3 what if every dc politician needed to pass a rookies ai drivers permit
eg 4 come back better with world class ai mentors

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