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After the first year of Biden we can see that in spite of enough technology to save the human race, corralled by insanely lonely men like Mr Putin we are racing faster than ever towards extinction half way through the 15 year period that all nations had committed to the sustainability goals (ecop26 EUN). Why is this? - its a problem of media- which in turn is a wicked Keynesian problem of Governance, Societal and Environmental Markets (known the other way round by worlds biggest decision makers as ESG -see NYccAI.com for 15 annual spring briefings).
CRIMSON LIFESTYLES: Although Harvard has taken as late as 26 April 2022 to admit their debt to black americans is way north of 100 million dollars (imagine if they had admitted this before Biller Gates designed DOS). other far north friends and I can trace through my family ( diaspora scots, irish...) why the root cause of this [problem is that white institutions have not cared locally enough about the simplest human right : that of the next girl or boy born anywhere to have a fair chance of life.

My family has a lot of evidence on this ; in our case it can be classified around tHEse time periods: 2022 to 2000; TO 1984 TO 1976 TO 1962 TO 1945 TO 1936 TO 1758 - each of which we observed  FROM SOME QUITE DEEP GLOBAL VILLAGE DATUM

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diversity gamechangers in washington dc admin are rare- can raimondo be one? biden ai panel boldly goes where dc never has since v neumann

Sunday, December 31, 2017

thank you singapore 2020s

 the greatest privilege in my life was a chance to visit fazle abed in bangladesh 15 times during his last decade- the conversation i leat expected invited every ambassador to start linking in new universities capable of sdg humanising inteligence- singapore was cited as a benchmark for every countruies desigbers of new universities


next summit 1-3 dec https://www.stack.gov.sg/speakers

update 17 nov 2020

Kevin Lee 09:03 AM 

Kevin Lee, Singapore, 

The rapid digitalization of seemingly every aspect of work and life has driven a tremendous amount of value and opportunity, but it also has a dark side in the form of the increased cybersecurity risk we now face. What is Singapore’s national cybersecurity strategy to cope with this increased risk? Particularly for the private sector, who may not take it as seriously as the government, given the relatively small consequences they have faced for being breached in the past?

XiaoJian Zhou 09:08 AM 

XiaoJian Zhou, Singapore/UK. Singapore seems to be lagging behind in tech innovation, e-commerce and digital payments, etc. (especially in terms of organic growth from the private sector) as compared to countries like US and China. Why is this so and what are Singapore’s plans to improve this?

Kevin Lee 09:14 AM 

Kevin Lee, Singapore,

One of the criticisms of Singapore’s earlier phase of economic development has been that our focus on attracting MNCs to set up operations and regional and global HQs in Singapore has come at the expense of developing more of our own world class homegrown companies. Given the increasingly fierce competition for the scarce resource of tech talent, what is the government’s strategy for balancing attracting global tech companies to set up in Singapore with the talent needs of local tech startups trying to grow and scale? At the margin, what has the higher priority?

Xiu Ting (she/her) 09:17 AM 

There seems to be a lot emphasis on development of technical talent (like CS degrees etc) but tech and succesful tech environments are not just aboyut technical skills. What can be done to cultivate _minds_ and _thinking_ of tech like innovation, entrepreneurship and the importance of divseristy and inclusion?

Adrian Liew 09:09 AM 

Adrian Liew, Singapore

Technology will be a key enabler for every society in the world. How can Singapore be part of this wave to help homegrown Singapore technology to establish the foothold among the giants in overseas markets? How can Singapore foster a friendly environment for innovative technology to grow roots in Singapore to collaborate with Singapore companies given that countries are looking inwards?

Zhicong 09:15 AM 

Zhicong, SG 🇸🇬

Q: Besides generous startup grants, how is Singapore encouraging the next generation to take up engineering and entrepreneurship early on to grow homegrown tech companies, instead of focusing on traditional academic achievements?

Matthew Yuan 09:10 AM 

Matt Yuan in Los Angeles. Your father MM LKY mentioned that when Singapore was getting started, he had to assign many government leaders to be entrepreneurs to develop ind because the local population at the time was quite risk averse to starting companies on their own, rather, preferring to opt in for more professional jobs (ie. lawyers, doctors). Do you feel that with our current generation, there is a stronger drive to build and start companies on their own? In other words, do you see a shift in Singapore to a more entrepreneurial generation?

Shiyan Koh 09:25 AM 

Shiyan, Singapore

One of the strenghts of the US is the ability to not just attract talent in a transient manner, but to turn immigrants into Americans (50% of startups being founded by foreign-born Americans). 

How do you think about managing the tension between citizen concerns over foreign competition (sharing a limited pie), vs growing the pie (turning foreign talent into Singaporeans)?

Timothy Sheng 09:05 AM 

Hi everyone, this is Timothy Sheng from New York City. I am interested to know how cybersecurity factors into Singapore’s national strategic priorities and how does Singapore plan to play a role in shaping the global discourse, in establishing cyberspace norms to reduce escalating tensions between nation states.

Liz 10:15 AM 

What is the most challenging experience you and your teams have encountered in helping teams in public sector embrace new tools and the ongoing digital transformation?  Public sectors around the world have been notoriously known to be bureacratic and resistant to change and also for those who are older and could have stopped learning a long time ago?

Becca 09:23 AM 

Becca, Singapore. 

As the tech industry grows bigger and demands for not just CS/engineering graduates but also talents with background in design, entrepreneurship and the arts grow, what is the government’s strategy for grooming such talent to develop a more holistic tech ecosystem?

Edmund Kee 09:05 AM 

Edmund. Singapore. IHLs focus on big data techniques and models but the majority of companies hiring their graduates only have small data. How might we fill the theory and practice gap in AI?

Prabhu 09:02 AM 

Prabhu, Singapore, how can we encourage tech companies to hire those with interest in tech but no tech background i.e. doctors with MBAs & certifications in IT. Thanks.

Jaime 09:09 AM 

Jaime, Singapore, How do we encourage more Singaporeans to become entreprenuers? Can we aim to see further collaborations with China’s techecosystem as the region is growing and investing more in Singapore outpacing perhaps the US tech giants in future. In addition, how will Singapore continue to groom its future generation without eroding its identity amid globalization?

Chor-Yen Yap 09:22 AM 

Chor Yen - Los Angeles. 

Dear Prime Minister Sir, there has been some exciting news on the RCEP deal lately. How do you think the deal will affect the tech scene in Singapore and, in addition, how will IP protection be enforced among the RCEP countries? Thank you.

Caroline Cheng 09:30 AM 

Caroline Cheng (Norway): Dear PM, the Nordic smart city models often stress social aspects in terms citizen engagement (and increasingly so), while East Asian ones, and to a certain extent our very own Singaporean one, tend to emphasise technical innovations. Do you agree? Would it be a priority to look into the social aspects more, especially drawing upon our strong educational infrastructure and ensure our young citizens grow up to not only become tech professionals but also green ambassadors? {To SGN, this is such a great initiative! Applause!}

Farah A 

is the audiio working?

This question has been answered live

Isaac Tham 09:16 AM 

Isaac Tham from Singapore. Do you think that Singapore is doing enough to inculcate tech skills like coding from a young age through the education system? Thank you PM Lee!

Lewis Poh 09:17 AM 

Lewis, Singapore

How can we encourage mid-career professionals to transit to tech to meet the growing demands?

Kenny Ong 09:19 AM 

Is the Tech industry truly ready to train and pay local talents? My friends and I obtained our cybersecurity degrees but the jobs available are not highly paid/valued. How can SG help in gathering current IT professionals transit and upgrade our cybersecurity skills, up-skill and be paid in value as well?

Chris Hsiong 09:23 AM 

Chris Hsiong, SF, for overseas Singaporeans searching for a way to come home, how does the salary/compensation compare for high tech jobs in Singapore vs tech hubs like Silicon Valley?

Julian Kang 09:23 AM 

Julian, Singapore. Coming from a polytechnic background, it's my experience that entrepreneurship programs rarely generate startups after the end of course. How do you think IHLs/the Singapore community can better sustain our student's startups to promote our local talents?

Alman KGstan 10:03 AM 

Almanbet, Kyrgyzstan

How can we close the gap in adoption high tech solutions in public service and private sector, especially in developing countries.

Pei Koon 10:10 AM 

Question is: What steps do you think Singapore can take to be the next Silicon Valley? (And which is the most important)

Lynette Tan 10:27 AM 

Lynette, Singapore. A key tenet of tech culture is experimentation and iteration, which at base means learning from failure, but it can be challenging for governments to make mistakes in the public eye. How does GovTech grapple with this?

Ed Lau 09:14 AM 

Edward, Singapore : SG with our small population, and depending on global linkage. How’s SG Gov helping to embed tech-prepared + ready for our next-Gen => future ready? Besides, the local SMEs could effective ly pivot forward into the future (better than surviving)? We still witnessing SME & mid-career workers are unprepared / lagging.

ws 09:16 AM 

William, Singapore what will GovTech do with the Big Contact Tracing Data after COVID-19?

Bertrand Lee 09:18 AM 

the china tech giants are all setting up rhq in singapore due to the trade war. however, we don’t have the strong talent pool of smart/capable senior/principal software engineers to meet their staffing needs. 

should we not take advantage of current geopolitical events in the us & uk to recruit the best & brightest tech talent from those countries into singapore? we should create a special tech visa to build up the tech “middle class” in singapore of senior/principal engineers, not just the top 10%.

Chee Hiong 09:24 AM 

Do you think Singapore needs to rethink how we approach technology given that there were instances that the government may have been slow or conservative in accepting disruptive technologies that were not conservative in nature? (eg. Tesla incident in Singapore previously when there were taxes on green vehicles due to how Singapore generated its electricity.)

Chris Hsiong 09:26 AM 

Chris Hsiong, SF, what are the biggest challenges for overseas Singaporeans coming home? Can you shed some light on the work culture, work life balance, compensation, networking, infrastructure, and opportunities?

Ryan J. Wong 09:31 AM 

American citizen here who graduated last year from US university with a computer science degree. Looking for my first job (likely in software engineering) but have a long term goal to eventually move abroad and work in Singapore. 

Any tips for what I can do to achieve this goal? Is it better that I have work experience in the USA first? Should I strive to apply for companies that have offices in both USA and Singapore?

Vani Nava 10:13 AM 

Sath, Toronto

We are talking about smart cities and high tech solutions, but  brining it down to the basics 3.8 billion still remain offline globally according to the UN (2019). Whether in relation to financial inclusive, healthcare, education or access to regional and global supply chains - these 3.8 billion, ususally part of the base of pyramind, are being excluded. Governments are trying,  but what more can the developed country governments and the private sector do to help these 3.8 billion get online and support their journey out of poverty, so that tech is really for global public good?

ToonLee 09:07 AM 

ToonLee, Singapore, Question: Together with a few SME business owners, we are starting a Foundation to enable SMEs in Singapore to adopt. Pls could you share your insights on key success factors for this Foundation and which government agencies whom I can approach to complement our efforts.

L 09:10 AM 

Elle, Singapore. Sir, may you share more on the new tech pass launched to help boost the tech industry in Singapore.

Karthik Suresh 09:15 AM 

Karthik Suresh, London, Does the government of Singapore have a plan to enable businesses and individuals that are not traditionally tech focussed to benefit from the effort being devoted to bolster Singapore’s tech environment?

Timothee 09:18 AM 

Timothee, Singapore. How can we encourage large international tech companies not only to open offices in Singapore but also build core features and core products in Singapore? While companies like Amazon and Google have large offices in Singapore, their software engineering teams are rather small.

Hao Yi Ong 09:39 AM 

Ong Hao Yi / San Francisco / 

Thank you for your time! It is late in the night in Singapore, and it's great to see so many of us attending this across the world. 

There are many opinions about the future of work, with some companies completely getting rid of their offices, and others such as Microsoft announcing a hybrid model where employees work from home perhaps 50% of the time, and Facebook considering doing something similar. Many have left the Bay Area for cheaper rent elsewhere, perhaps more permanently, and some were even encouraged to do so by their companies, such as Airbnb.

At the risk of glossing over the differences in tech companies---the industries they're in and what stage of the growth the companies are at---what do you think is the future of remote work for the tech industry across the world? 

As a follow-up, are there any benefits to Singapore from perhaps capturing more of these "more permanent remote workers" (beyond some more obvious ones, such as mentorship and network)? As you can i

Esther 09:04 AM 

Esther SWARNA , Bangalore India, How actively is Singapore looking for Solution Partnering outside Singapore for global collaboration? Could focus light in terms Singapore has towards collaboration?

Walter Lee 09:18 AM 

Walter Lee, Singapore.   How and when  will the recently concluded RCEP help to expand the market access and market opportunity for tech start-ups within and beyond the RCEP?

Garry Bernstein 09:19 AM 

Garry Bernstein / Scotland, UK - How is Singapore helping career changers to upskill and reskill for new tech roles. What role is there to create alternative pathways into tech for people working in sunset industries?

Bojian Han 09:22 AM 

Bojian Han, Pittsburgh PA. How to generate and maintain true interest and passion for technology in Singaporeans?

Ryan Kim 09:23 AM 

Ryan Kim, Singapore. Apart from the usual suspects, i.e. fintech/payments, ecommerce, and transportation, where CAN and SHOULD Singapore's sector and aspiring techies in Singapore move towards? Where would Singapore's needs and strength be in?

Christine Yong 09:24 AM 

Christine, Singapore. Are local companies and we, as a society, underestimating the ability of our local population to meet local tech needs? Is “importing” foreign talent really a sustainable solution?

Kenneth Wu 09:33 AM 

she hit all 3 points good

Edward Wang 09:39 AM 

Edward, Boston - 

1) Why does Tech.Pass have a requirement of "having a last-drawn fixed monthly salary of at least SG$20,000" and "at least five cumulative years of experience in a leading role in a tech company [...] a market cap of at least $500 million or raised at least $30 million in funds"? This appears to exclude many categories of talented technical professionals (entrepreneurs, academics, etc).

2) When will Singapore re-open to visitors from North America? This affects visitors, investors, potential entrepreneurs, etc... There are residents of North America who are willing to get tested for COVID-19 and comply with quarantine restrictions, but are currently categorically restricted.

Cassandra Ong 10:29 AM 

Cassandra, Singapore

Do we see increased opportunities for public divisions and private companies to work together to create digital products that can ultimately be useful for public good? How could we work towards that?

Julio Romo 10:31 AM 

We are talking about the tech, but how much time is spent on the human side, the user and stakeholders? How much is digital services are built around their needs and behaviours to ensure adoption of services? I ask, as having worked within a UK Gov DDaT team (Department for International Trade), UX and CX is key to securing adoption and delivering value.

Ronnie Tan 08:54 AM 

the resolution is not sharp :(

stan 09:07 AM 

Stan Tan, Singapore how will tech be used in Facilities Management to better manage crowd movement in work and our homes largely due to the density of Singapore.

Pinkesh 09:17 AM 

Pinkesh, Singapore

Singapore focuses more on becoming smart nation and more on tech. Talent from overseas is brought in but because of cost and visa restrictions  few companies and few local banks too are setting up their operations offshore. How those jobs can be brought back? OR what can be done in order to attract more talent here in Singapore.

Tanu Chellam 09:20 AM 

Tanu, UK-based Singaporean

As companies look to grow in Singapore, where are areas we can get help?


How can myself, a Singaporean in the civil service contribute to developing tech capabilities with my knowledge in relevant areas?

vincentong 09:23 AM 

Will Tech.Pass holders eventually have a path to Permanent Residency?

Jason chen 09:26 AM 

hi, I'm jason from Singapore working in a tech mnc. I am keen to understand if we have enough tech talent in sg to sustain the tech growth of the country. what plans does the government have to groom the local talent pool?

James Neo 09:27 AM 

Tech has predominantly been dominated by US and now perhaps China and India as the biggest sources of talent and entrepreneurs. China has also leapfrog towards ecommerce and a cashless society. Where & what is Singapore missing to develop and attract people and bring the society to the next level? Take note we also have a high ratio of Data Centres investment and setup here. So what is really lacking?

subramanian 09:29 AM 

Hi, I am Subra from Singapore. Though it is being stated that there is great difficulty in filling tech positions, there are women who want to get back into tech jobs with relevant experiences but are having great difficulty in getting jobs due to GAP in work experience. Can anything be done to address this problem?

michachan 09:29 AM 

Engineering (tech) is a culture, not just a “know-how” or “know-what”, but a “become-who”, how do we create the character in the everyday people on the street to grow the engineering culture to be able to have that engineering instinct like Israel? It is what is in the mind of the people, how they think, what inspires them warmly, not what they know. How can this culture be home growth?

Yongjing Pan 09:30 AM 

John, Singapore-based Singaporean

Hi PM Lee,

How do we bridge the gap between the growing need for tech talents in Singapore and building a workforce to be ready for these roles? 

I believe tech skills is not easy to acquire, and merely having tech companies coming to Singapore does not guarantee that ordinary Singaporean can benefit from these opportunities.

Liz 09:31 AM 

Elizabeth Chee, Singaporean in Germany. Despite the high penetration of digitalization and the population in Singapore being mobile phone savvy, based on my previous engagements with both public and private sectors in healthcare, there still seems to a lot of bureacracies and resistance towards adopting more digitalization in this sector. Are there any plans in our overall national digital strategy to speed up the digital transformation in Healthcare going forward?

Chris Hsiong 09:32 AM 

Chris Hsiong, SF, the common theme for this keynote I'm hearing is "we need more talent". Why is it that our local talent cannot satisfy our IT and tech needs? Why aren't more young local students going into STEM or Computer Science, or why can't they fill the roles that our country needs? How would you encourage overseas Singaporeans who have succeeded in high tech jobs to come home and contribute to Singapore?

Jason TAN 09:33 AM 

Tan, Singapore - Thank you PM for your keynote. Would the Govt encourage working from home policies? Would housing estates become smarter to support remote working?

Adriel Yong 09:35 AM 

Adriel Yong, Singapore

Alot of the talk about ‘Tech Talent’ seems to be on technical folks. I’m curious how big is the gap for the non-technical tech talent in Singapore. How difficult do employers find it to find tech talent for sales, partnerships, comms and HR roles? I guess my deeper question is do we have a significant gap in terms of talent that will fit the culture of a tech company?

prasanna.koppa@pmgroup-global.com 09:36 AM 

Prasanna Koppa, Singapore, Respected Sir, many companies are transforming in to "Digital Delivery" say in next 5-10years and expected to change the way we Engineer and Build the world. The education will definitely bring new and young talents. However, it is great challenge to bring current workforce to new way of Digital Delivery. How is Singapore making sure we also focus on current workforce to TRAIN them and support them to integrate in to Digital Delivery? Thanks you.

Cassandra Ong 09:37 AM 

How are we helping older/ legacy companies adapt their organsational culture to be more tech-friendly, or even agile like tech based companies?

Sagar Tandon 09:38 AM 

How Singapore can become a leader in championing gender diversity - especially at the entrepreneur, venture capital and asset management level?

Calvin Chan 09:38 AM 

Calvin, Singapore. Given that most work can be achieved remotely these days (esp. post COVID-19) why would it be necessary for tech talents to be located in SG, especially considering the high cost in SG.

Yongjing Pan 09:39 AM 

Hehe the Open Government Products Division in Govtech had a very prominent director that PM should be familiar with ;)

Victor Chang 09:53 AM 

Victor Chang, UK. Having worked in the start-up/VC scene in the UK for the last 5 years, my observation (which is in line with the general sentiment in the UK) is that the founders and entrepreneurs in Singapore are no less talented technically than their British/American counterparts but seem to be lacking in risk appetite and that little bit of “crazy” that sets founders apart. It seems like a fundamental cultural change is required. Do you agree and how do you think the government can help?

Walter Lee 09:58 AM 

Walter Lee, Singapore; very meaningful and inspiring session:) Thank You PM!

Ebere Ekene 10:03 AM 

Ebere Ekene Amos, my question is that can someone with artisan experience apply also for the upcoming tech employment.

Zubaidah Sallehuddin 10:18 AM 

In my experience, sometimes tech is not introduced very well. Training 100% virtual is such a pain... Like COVID-19 has forced some Cloud systems in the organization but is in conflict to current state security issues. Users end up practising unofficial 'workarounds'. Isn't this dangerous and inefficient?  What are your thoughts and suggestions for this to work better? Though I guess there is a level of risk for innovation. What is acceptable risk...?

Jessica Yang 10:35 AM 

Jessica, Boston: Can each country share more about how they make sure typically underrepresented/underserved groups (e.g. racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ community, populations without high speed internet) are part of the digital government conversation and design process?

Esmond Chia 

Esmond Chia, San Mateo, CA, Sir, thank you for acknowledging the social-economic issues candidly.  Refreshing especially from a US political perspective.

Chris 08:59 AM 

Hi, I did not recieve the slack invitation

Ronnie Tan 09:00 AM 

@Chris virtualloungesgtf.slack.com

userneural0326 09:01 AM 

Gopal Karunanithi from Taiwan, an MBA graduate

Chris 09:01 AM 

@Ronnie thank you got it

Bobby Belinski 09:03 AM 

How is the SG goverment facilitating the finding for jobs for Singpapore PRs? I heard that priority is given now only to Citizens due to COVID19. I am living in USA but I have S'pore PR as my wife is Singaporean.

Esther 09:05 AM 

Esther Swarna, India, The earlier question was in reference to AI and Blockchain

stan 09:05 AM 

Stan Tan

Bobby Belinski 09:07 AM 

Bobby Belinski, Katy TX USA, Question: What Singapore goverment is doing in this time of COVID to encourage and facilitate  Singapore PRs who plan to return to Singapore and hope to find tech. job right now?

ToonLee 09:08 AM 

..to adopt tech

You 09:10 AM 

Is there one best bookmaek to understand singapore contributions to #aiforgood - this is where every un agency is listing sdg projects and inviting collaboration solutions such as those linked by the ecosystem www.futureoflife.org- i aim to publish catalogue of human ai leaders in time for glasgow cop26 chris macrae valuetrue.com

Thant Htet Sint 09:12 AM 

Sint. from Myanmar. 

Sir, may I know if Singapore has any intention to do cooperation and investment with Myanmar in the future?

Nikhil Chaube 09:12 AM 

Nikhil Chaube, Houston Tx.Sir, thanks for sharing the proactive steps Singapore Govt tppk

Jenny Lim 09:12 AM 

Who is the global leader in Tech and if Singapore looks to learn from any country e.g. advancement in 5G network which China seems to be leading.

gordon S 09:14 AM 

gordon, Singapore, ideally, what should be the % distribution of local tech talent (e.g. swes) across public service, foreign MNCs, foreign start-ups and local SMEs? e.g. 50%, 10%, 20%, 10% and why? thanks !

Walter Lee 09:14 AM 

Walter Lee, SIngapore.

Nikhil Chaube 09:15 AM 

Nikhil Chaube Houston Tx. Sir thanks for sharing the proactive steps Singapore Givt took in effectively controlling the spread of Covid 19. To use technology effectively countries will need data center that will require huge energy infrastructure. What is your govt doing to ensure this energy comes from Green energy sources and make Sgp a leader in environment protection. Can you pls elaborate steps around Green Hydrogen or control of CO2 emmission. Thanks

Kenneth Wu 09:16 AM 

Hi my facourite PM Lee,

We shook hands at yishun.

I feel that we need more supports for the existing “enginpreneurs” . I think this is the kind of talents that we should look out for.

Gary 09:19 AM 


A Project Manager colleague of mine at Facebook was denied renewal of work visa after spending 8 years in Singapore and trying to get his PR. He isn't a Singaporean (Malaysian) and had full scholarship to Duke-NUS and spent the last 8 years "paying back" to Singapore. Met his partner, trying PR.

Not knowing all the details I can only say our HR has done their best to keep him in the country.

He's considering options (US/UK), what was the rational to kick him out?

How can we build teams?

userneural0326 09:23 AM 

please throw some light on academic opportunities like research assistant, phd roles

Jason chen 09:23 AM 

do we have enough sg tech talent to sustain sg tech growth

Chin San Ng 09:25 AM 


Kenneth Wu 09:26 AM 

Kenneth, Singapore, Liberalize’s Founder. The Reginal Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. What are the major implications for the fintech companies in Singapore ?

Ben 09:28 AM 

How will Singapore government cope with corruption when it pushes technology agenda? As I know, there are rampant corruption in China while the government there spend lots of money in setting up parks and issuing grants to entrepreneurs, that’s where corruption steps in. In my view, in China, the means of government goes against its means, and even purposely by its local officials who are corrupt by nature.

I am based in Boston, US.  I have been ton Singapore, that place has a huge potential. But from my impression, Singapore haven’t attracted the top-notch tech talents, many people in US doesn’t know how advanced Singapore society is, and how rational Singapore government is.

Rahul Bajaj 09:28 AM 

Rahul Bajaj, India. Dear P.M. Sir, Singapore has a vibrant tech environment and truly multicultural. Would you be looking at creating Singapore as a sandbox of technology i.e. people to come and test their technology in Singapore and take it to the rest of Asia or World. Which may mean unproven technology, business cases, models.

S. Ravishankar 09:28 AM 

Could you give us some idea of how Singapore is planning to focus / drive the Cyber Security space.  Is there a Govt inititaive apart form allowing businesses & Tech Labs to set-up facilities to develop & deliver new innovative solutions.Am referring to path-breaking research based solutions that would address the global menace of Hacking

martin delaney 09:28 AM 

Martin delaney - Dublin Ireland..  Can a person participate in the Tech.Pass remotely - or partly remotely..??

Dee Kwok 09:28 AM 

Dee - Singapore returnee from Shanghai

Thank you for sharing your views on technology!

How can Singapore disrupt inside out? Are we still competitive in the technology landscape when we see exponential digital growth in giants like China, with many knowledge and global gaps getting closer? 

What can we as Singaporeans do to continue being the trendsetters and advance further and faster?

gordon S 09:28 AM 

gordon, Singapore, how differently is Singapore developing and grooming its young tech talents (e.g. fresh graduates) compared to other SEA countries ? Context being that Vietnam and Indonesia are increasingly seen as tech hubs for companies primarily due to resource cost

Chee Hiong 09:30 AM 

Chee Hiong, Singapore

Singapore has been generally more capital-aligned as to how we approach technology by attracting investments, grooming talent and promoting new startups using the attracted capital. Do you foresee capital flows to become more competitive in the future and how would Singapore better position itself to attract more international capital?

michachan 09:33 AM 

Will the questions be addressed? There are many questions on the thread.

Joalin Lim 09:34 AM 

Thanks PM for sharing Technology environment in SG !

Han-Hui Por 09:35 AM 

Hello from NYC. Sir, would you please briefly outline the measures to encourage tech talents with young families to consider leaving for Singapore?

Ben 09:36 AM 

Due to remote work, the way how people collaborate has been changed much. People don’t need to stay in the same physical office to collaborate on tech projects.  In this sense, Singapore could attract more talents than it can physically host. :)

Alman KGstan 09:38 AM 

Alman, Kyrgyzstan. 

How can countries integrate cultural and other peculiarities, in terms of digitization and tech, amid technology's global and universal character?

Ben 09:38 AM 

Is there a one-stop website that provides a comprehensive introduction on the tech immigration policies and tips of life in Singapore? I am interested to setup startup project in Singapore.

Manickam Gounder 09:39 AM 

Manickam Gounder, Pleasanton,Bay Area 

Senior Management and Singapore Citizens with Tech first approach to learn and use is excellent development. Bringing Whole country together is amazing. Thank you to PM to join here and make an impact..

Fawzi Bessaih  SG 09:40 AM 


Evgeny Fell 09:41 AM 

Evgeny Fell, Russia, Moscow : 

Does SG government recognize the MOH Regulatory Sandbox as a potential instrument to fight COVID19 more effectevily?

michachan 09:42 AM 

To draw engineering instinct, we have to reform the education and social culture. Open discussion for mutual empathetic growth. Augmented awareness and strong sense of empathy are also the conducive grounds for innovation and engineering paradign shift. We may not accept certain propositions, but how can we expand hyperawareness empathetically for a brave new world?

Fawzi Bessaih  SG 09:45 AM 

Sir, is Singapore closely following advances on Quantum Computing capabilities? Are there any investment plan on this field of technology which seems to be crucial for nexts decades.

Cassandra Ong 09:45 AM 

Even in the domain of cybersecurity you mention healthcare, utilities which are basic needs that need to be addressed nontheless. How about for e-commerce companies that are privatised but largely globalised? Are there cybersecurity plans on a cross-national/ ASEAN regional level?

Li Ping 09:46 AM 

PDPA does not explicitly require organisations to have incident response plans or to report data breaches although there is encourages organisations and data intermediaries to safeguard establish data breach management for personal data with reasonable security arrangements. Are there any plans to toughen the area on mandatory tech and data compliance audits for enterprises?

Jun Xiang Koh 09:47 AM 

The rising tension between major powers will inadventently lead to bifurcation of technology. How will this affect Singapore and what is our plan to navigate this environment?

Gerald Tan 09:47 AM 

Is there an effort in Singapore to encourage young people to pursue PhDs? This is very important to being able to develop our own MNCs long term.

Gerald Tan 09:48 AM 

Gerald from Austin, Texas

Bertrand Lee 09:48 AM 

also, what about attracting top foreign (north america/europe/china) startups/smes to setup apac rhq in singapore, instead of just mncs? 

a different set of incentives would be needed for them vs mncs. 5 year tax breaks won’t do it for them, as they will be loss-making for the 1st 5 years in apac. they need grants, equity/capital investments, and other incentives that better suit smaller companies.

Ben 09:48 AM 

I had the impression that Singaporean society and especially its government put an extremely preference on PhD degrees. Is this still true? Most of Asian societies have this irrational worship on PhD degrees.

Gideon Ooi 09:50 AM 

Israel has a robust tech industry, part of which is fuelled by young brilliant minds who formed partnerships and developed ideas out of their time during conscription. Do you think it is feasible to promote a culture of innovation and enterprise even during national service in Singapore?

Muhammad Faizal Bin Ehsan 09:50 AM 

Faizal, Singapore, what are the advantages or disadvantages that Singapore has to accelerate or decelerate its tech vision?

Martin Benda 09:51 AM 

Hi PM Lee, Martin based out of Sg, entrepreneur and cofounfer, if you are serious about building the tech talent base in Sg, what are the grands, work visa options and incentives that even local startups with foreigners at the helm could apply, right now this is not available/extremely convoluted and limits expansion and confidence.

Eddie Tay 09:51 AM 

Eddie, Singapore.

michachan 09:52 AM 

Motivation and background of my questions: 

Working and living, in Germany, France, Korea, and US, and most importantly having different mentors and teachers from different countries, I observed that engineering thinking is an emergence of time and culture.

Harold Uy 09:55 AM 

Harold Uy, Manila How would you describe the work environment for foreign fresh graduates and interns in the engineering and technology field?

S. Ravishankar 09:55 AM 

What happens to countries that have not signed the RCEP - Will it make a difference in engaging people from these countries

Kevin 09:55 AM 

What is the government direction regarding digital trade financing especially in marine bunkering.

Sean Lim 09:55 AM 

Sean Lim (Singapore) - PMETs in sunset industries interested to make a switch into Tech Companies may face challenges in a few ways, e.g. lack of the required technical background, competition with global talents, competition with younger local talents who have the required technical skills and lack of incentives for Tech Companies to train older workforce. Does the government have a strategy to address this challenge?

brandon sim 09:56 AM 

Hi, is prosperization can really maintained in long run if our nations, Singapore have to depends on natural resources as our populations will keep on rising? For this, will be focusing on revolutionizing our production such as vegetables and water and food too more important?

Lynn 09:59 AM 

Lynn, Sacramento, CA - Please allow me to point out that transformation drivers require more than just boosting the tech talent pool. I've found that effective teams with a good mix of soft skills and good cultural understanding from the arts and social sciences backgrounds are necessary in order to reimagine and reenvision technology uses and drive user adoption. I'm interested to find out more over the next few days what else Singapore is doing to equip her older workforce with the attitude, skills and knowledge to support diverse teams that can draw tech talent?

Pei Koon 10:09 AM 

Pei Koon, Singapore

You 10:14 AM 

in large countries, how do we get humanising tech shared as a leading capability at all three levels city, national and multilateral levels - take eg climate tech usa where we seem not to have more gaps than flows at gov level-(i really hope cop26  will bend the curve on this- not just in glasgow nov 2021 but before, after and someting that schools too can zoom at community levels of action)

also economist article
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