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diversity gamechangers in washington dc admin are rare- can raimondo be one? biden ai panel boldly goes where dc never has since v neumann

Saturday, December 31, 2016

that was the 8 years yes you can administration that was

 its not clear to us that obama biden ever really connected the yes you can generation - its a pity with obama's mother being great friend of yunus leading microcredit of 1980s out of indonesia and forming womensworldbanking.com and response youth gave to us to yunus10000 dvd print run made the happy week dr yunus and all his grameen social business partners summer 2008 joined nobel peace judges opening yunus museum mirpur

Video 1 banking Yunus & 9 year old:  Lon1 Lon2

Video 2 banking Latifee and 150 Grameen Trust replications in over 30 countries

Video 3 solar energy Dipal Barua, co-founder Grameen bank

Video 4 job creation and ending digital divides with internet for poor,  Kazi Islam , CEO Grameen Solutions

Some personal conversations and wishes from Dr Yunus

Video 5  what social business healthcare cases can we action firstVideo 6 Wish for youth to cross-culturally collaborate in saving world

Video 7 Goodwill Wish for seeing open solutions tested in one place, multiplied everywhere needed

Video 8 Wish for billionaires changing the world to test out social business -follow up Paris SMBA; Future Capitalism 1000Bookclub; Intercity SocialBusinessClub

Grameen Inside –how and why to bank on job creation & poorest women’s income generating creativity over a third of a century

Video 9 How women’s self-confidence changes the world by Mrs Begum co-founder of Grameen

Video 10 Welcoming worldwide interns by Mrs E-Janine, Head of Interns Programs

Video 11 Future Capitalism Invitation to CEOs to test out how entrepreneurial the match between a global corporation and a grassroots microenterpreneur network can be by Mrs Morshed, CEO of Yunus  -secretariat -join in open mapmaking of yunuspartners

Video 12 Practical tips on social business modelling by Mr Sultan, CEO of Grameen Heathcare Social Businesses

Video 13 – Team orientation steps in social business creativity – Samir Chowdhury

Searching out Sustainability Good News around the world

Video 14 The Green Children Pop Foundation – the loan that started Grameen Eye Hospital

Video 15 The Green Children – Scholarship Loans our network of friends can make to keep children at school

Video 15a - interview of why green children -watch out for breaking news later in 08 when universal records releases the theme song of ending digital divides "you can hear me now" - explore TGC flows for good in healthcare, across grameen america

Video 16 – Did youth entrepreneurship get lost in the world’s schooling systems – Sir Ken Robinson, Royal Society of Arts

Video 17 – How the CIDA Free University and Branson school of entrepreneurship works -inviting your collaborations-Taddy Blecher, Johannesburg

Video 18 – Creating open spaces for children- a small example from Haiti

Video 19 – The challenge of making industrial carpets manufacturing sustainable – Ray Anderson

Video 20 – Inviting Business & Leaders to join in Force For Good with frends of Royal Society & Tomorrow's Company

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