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Thursday, October 25, 2012

mostofa- please debrief me on consequences of airflight to uk you asked me to sponsor- have you had sarah meeting at http://ashden.org yet? what happened? trying to summarise how knowledge networks of sarah, of student competitions and of japan intersect in green energy is urgent - cant have all 3 networks reinventing the wheels separately

japan : chatted to professor okada for 20 minutes; need to prove sarah knows something about green his 12000 tokyo students and japan ambassador need to know and flow before jan 30 competition in tokyo and before sarah visit to bangladesh- dipal incident having messed up connections with royal family, cannot afford any more of lack of transparency on energy at bangladeshi end


uk/japan: have you talked to your contacts at japan embassy in london to see if they can give me name of economics staff at japan's embassy in dc - this is really urgent!

uk/ny/brazil future of heroes and redesigning bbc : have you talked to laura at community links (regeneration of east london) of how coe's post olympic plans to linkin responsible sportstars connect with oregon's competition winner as well as monica's superstars give back networks and ron's astronauts grounded on planet earth networks - ditto anything you can do with palin helps as he intersects bbc's coverage on 3 vital dimensiosn:
whether brazil gets sportsars give back as host of world cup and olympics
cross-cultural through royal geo connections - green energy

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